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Getting starting in your own business has many advantages. You set your own hours, You answer only to yourself, You are in charge of how things are done and you make your own money, but to get there you should start here. Getting Financing is as easier than you think and this is an investment in yourself. Start here, fill out the form at the link below and see if you qualify.

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Selecting the right package for you is very important. You may ask yourself, what exactly do you need to get going in Landscape Curbing? That is what our team is here for. We can help you evaluate your long-term goals and find the exact package you need to get going. While you are waiting for our team to call, check out the link below to get familiar with our packages.

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Once you have the equipment, how do you use it? No need to worry because Lil’ Bubba® has you covered. With every package sold we offer training on our machines, with tips and techniques only the pros know. You will receive hands on training, utilizing Lil’ Bubba® proprietary mixtures and tools that you will use every day in your own landscape curbing business going forward.

Section 179 – 2019 Tax Savings: For Example on a $36,749 CurbScape PKG purchase you could receive a 21% tax write-off which may be as much as $7,717.00

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