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Artisan Stone


By: Lil’ Bubba®

Do the colder months of the year bring your high-profit curbing business to a screeching halt?

Don’t you wish you could turn winter into an even more profitable period?

Lil’ Bubba’s Artisan Stone Creations is the perfect solution.

Artisan Stone Creations is your answer to a year-round business, with little to no downtime.

ASC allows you to create, deliver and install amazing stone creations, regardless of weather.

Benefits of an ASC Business

  • Year-Round profit center in all climates
  • Use the same additives & materials as your curbing business
  • Share equipment from your curbing business
  • Work projects anytime in your time
  • High demand & high profits for unique stone creations
  • Wide scope of faux stone products
  • Fast & easy creation with delivery system




by: Lil’ Bubba®

The ASC System…

…includes training using a unique and proprietary method of creating beautiful large Artisan Stone Creations without the weight traditionally associated with such masonry work.
The ASC System includes one full day of hands-on training, marketing materials, coloring system, and all the equipment necessary to create and deliver your work.

Specially equipped trailer:

allows you to safely and securely lift your completed ASC products, transport them to the customer’s home and deliver them to the exact desired location, even during the coldest winter has to offer.

Create products comfortably at home in your garage or workshop, regardless of the weather.

Alternatively, the ASC Trailer includes the air compressor and other equipment required to extend the scope of your curbing business to build Artisan Stone Creations on your customers job site – your choice.

If you already own a curbing business you will use your curbing trailer and mixer to create the concrete, making it the perfect companion to your current curbing business.

If you currently do not own a concrete mixer we have mixers available either on wheels or mounted on a special self-contained curbing trailer.

Step 1

Every Artisan Stone Creations package comes with everything you need to get started. Simply assemble ASC core system provided. Each made with light-to-lift, sturdy-to-finish polystyrene foam. Different cores have been developed for each ASC System item, with many items to choose from.

Step 2

You are the “Artisan” in Artisan Stone Creations with each new piece you create. Every design requires a personal touch, allowing you to create your very own signature style. With so many colors and shapes to choose from, the customization possibilities are endless for the ASC System catalog.

Step 3

With the Artisan Stone Creations delivery system, you can work on your ASC creations at your own home and then transport and deliver your creation directly to its new home. Our ASC Trailer is specially designed for both safe transport and proper placement purposes every time.

ASC Delivery Trailer

Designed to allow Artisan Stone Creations to be delivered safely to customers. Can load/transport and deliver structures up to max of 2,000lbs.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • Includes Chain Block & Sling

The All-New Titan Pro Hydraulic Mixer by: Lil’ Bubba® is built tough with the entrepreneur in mind. Whether you are a long-time curbing specialist or just starting out in the Artisan Stone Creations business package, the The Titan Pro Hydraulic Mixer by: Lil’ Bubba® offers everything you need to get to work.

  • Hydraulic Drive
  • 11 HP Honda GX340 Engine
  • 12.5 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Spiral Mixing Paddles
  • Replaceable Steel Floor

Artisan Stone Creations Gallery

Just a few of the Items You can Create

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