What is the price?
You can view the price and what’s included in our Landscape Business Pro 5 package at VIEW PRICING. You can also visit our store to see everything we manufacture and its price.
Cold Weather & Decorative Concrete Curb

When the concrete curb is installed in the northern areas where it gets cold in the winter, it requires an advanced mix design to weather the freeze/thaw.  We also use a special preparation and steel cable reinforcement. We have curb professionals who install the Lil’ Bubba curbing in Alberta Canada with great results and when installed properly, it can last through many winters.

Why Is The Hopper So Small?

Actually, it’s not small… by design, the hopper is a guide utilized to feed the concrete into the elliptical plunger drive. It’s not used to store concrete as the machine continuously moves along its path, requiring a constant feed of fresh concrete so the EP can eliminate bridging.

Is This Lil' Machine Worth The money?

Easily! The Hornet EP has been awarded the Product Innovation title for what it can do, and these machines are lasting over 20 years with recommended service.  Our curb professionals earn an above-average living, and that’s a lifetime. Our new Hornet EP has been called “terrific value” and can generate enough income to pay for itself in less than a week.