Generate Revenue ALL YEAR LONG

Let Lil’ Bubba make your first two ASC loan payments up to $1,500 total AND get $1,500 store credit for more supplies. We will even pay your flight and hotel to ASC training in Orlando FL!

thinking of starting in curbing?

 Let Lil’ Bubba make your first two loan payments on Business ‘Scape Packages too!

Combine with the ASC package and make no payments until Spring. Lil’ Bubba will make 2 payments (up to $2,400! total) in Curb Business Payments.

Get the training you need to add this service to your curbing business or create a life changing stand alone enterprise! To help make your dreams a reality, we are giving you FREE Airfare and Accomodations, fly and stay ON US! You must schedule your training before the sale ends to receive this limited time offer.


Every Artisan Stone Creations package comes with everything you need to get started. Simply assemble ASC core system provided. Each made with light-to-lift, sturdy-to-finish polystyrene foam. Different cores have been developed for each ASC System item, with many items to choose from.


You are the “Artisan” in Artisan Stone Creations with each new piece you create. Every design requires a personal touch, allowing you to create your very own signature style. With so many colors and shapes to choose from, the customization possibilities are endless for the ASC System catalog.


With the Artisan Stone Creations trailer delivery system, you can work on your ASC creation in the comfort of your own home and then transport and deliver your new creation directly into its new designated home. Our ASC Trailer is specially designed for both safe transport and proper placement purposes every time.

Get Ready for Spring Home & Garden Shows

Spring Home & Garden shows are just around the corner, get trained and prepared with ASC models and samples for your show booths before its too late!