How to Grow
Your Landscaping Business

1. Employ a Digital Marketing Agency

It’s not cost-efficient to try using online ad platforms such as FaceBook, Google and Yelp to generate your own leads.  The backend of Google Ads and Meta/Facebook Ad Accounts is extremely complicated to derive the best results and requires daily attention or the ROI is totally diluted over time. A professional advertising agency can completely manage your ad accounts and get the best results with regular changes to the ads and tweaking of the many variables available. Your time is better utilized doing what you do best and simply following up the leads created to sell jobs and generate revenue. The 3D Digital Deal Driver program is a perfect example of this in practice. They are landscape industry experts with enormous depth in experience, knowledge and success with FaceBook and Google ad accounts. Your advertising dollar will go much further by employing such a company to manage your entire ad campaign.

Whether you’re looking to increase your online presence, drive more traffic to your website, or generate more leads and sales, our experienced professionals have the skills and expertise needed to help your business succeed in today’s digital landscape. With proven lead generation and ROI the very affordable 3D Digital Deal Driver also has a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to automate the follow-up of all your leads and keep all the information about each client organized and in one place to give you more time to run your business. 

2. Expand Your Borders with Curbing

There has been a boom in the popularity of Professional Concrete Landscape Curbing throughout Northern America in recent years. Gone are the days of tacky plastic borders that break over time and a once beautiful garden is now a pile of broken, discolored plastic. With the costs of curbing installations ranging from $7 to $18 per foot, and with most installations requiring a minimum of 50ft, it’s easy to see why so many landscape companies are adding the curbing business to their services.

With improvements in technology during the past decade, concrete borders can now be created in a wide variety of colors, styles and shapes, offering each home owner a unique look to their specific taste. The most popular styles available are the Moroccan Natural Stone Collection offered exclusively from the innovators of curbing trends, Lil’ Bubba® Curb System of Orlando, Florida. These bold and beautiful designs offer the appearance of naturally sculpted stones with the durability of traditional concrete curbing.

Expand Your Borders with Curbing

For many years concrete landscape curbing has been viewed as a business venture all to itself, drawing distinct lines between landscapers and curbers, each in a business of their own, but with advances in curbing machines, such as the self-feeding elliptical plunger action of the Lil’ Bubba® curbing machine, many landscapers are realizing the profitability of adding curbing to their list of services available to their clients.

3. Host Seminars on Landscaping

Homeowners are interested in saving money on their home landscaping and you have solutions. By hosting a seminar on basic landscaping techniques and how your services benefit them you can attract a wide audience in the local community. Use Facebook, HOA’s and your client list to publicize and invite a pool of potential clients to grow your business. Leave the more advanced topics out of your conversation so you will be less likely to attract industry professionals while protecting your proprietary secrets from the public.

Host Seminars on Landscaping

An attendees level of interest in the topics you cover throughout your seminar can help you to target them later for specific of services that may turn them to clients. Offering refreshments at the end of your presentation can give you time to work the room efficiently for those you targeted for the solid pitch of your detailed services.

If the idea of hosting your own seminar brings dread as you feel unprepared with how to even begin, rest assured there are plenty of online services, such as Turf Teacher, that can not only prepare you better but also give you ideas on subjects you may have not initially perceived.

4. Organize your business with a CRM

 Consider using a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to improve the efficiency of dealiong with new clients.

Appeal to a New Client Base

A CRM is a tool that works on your cell phone, tablet or PC and records new client information as they inquire and adds them to a campaign which can automate the next steps. Everything from sending a thankyou text or email, to a reminder on your calendar to call them and set the appointment can be easily automated when you are too busy to do it yourself.

    5. Train your employees to generate leads

    Incentivize your employees to obtain names and addressesjob site of other potential clients when they are on the jobsite. Very often neighbors will approach members of your team while they are working to request a business card or ask a question. Train your employees with a good script to be effective at asking these potential new clients for their name, address, phone and email address. Offer to pay a weekly bonus of $10 for every new client name they collect this way.

    Maintaining Existing Client Relationships

    6. Enhance your branding & Marketing

    Landscape businesses are often judged by the state of their equipment, previous jobs, and professionalism. In the beginning, companies are usually on top of their game with neat employees and clearly labeled trucks, but this changes as time goes on.  Nobody will hire a landscape company with filthy workers, crooked signs, and a fleet in disrepair. You have to maintain excellence in every aspect of the business if you want to earn a good reputation and create positive brand awareness. When starting a landscaping business, avoid the mistake of forgetting about marketing. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and many free tools are available. At the very least, you should have a professional-looking website.

    However, it’s worth collecting customer email addresses to start a mailing list. This can be a vital medium to communicate with your clients. With an email marketing campaign, you can send personal emails with pictures of actual landscaping projects and helpful seasonal advice. 

    In addition, you can build up a following on social media to communicate with customers. But don’t ignore the importance of collecting and publishing reviews and testimonials. In this respect, Facebook, Yelp, and a Google Business profile are invaluable tools to use.

    Grow Your Service Area

    7. Create Services for the Off-Season

    Many landscape companies fall victim of the “feast-or-famine” mentality throughout the seasons. While spring and summer offer plenty of opportunities to keep your business busy, the cooler times of year bring a sudden chill to the work load. Rather than get icy in the winter months, pivot your business model to accommodate the needs of your community. Each community is different and will have its own specific needs throughout the colder seasons and each of these needs can be met by you with a little preparation prior to the big chill.

    Snow removal can be a very lucrative endeavor as well as providing additional safety and mobility to your clients. Armed with a strong Snow Blower, you can keep clients on a seasonal schedule of service, as well as open yourself to a new customer list that could potentially become warmer weather clients as well.

    Seasonal Holiday Exterior Decorating has in the past several years become a fast growing, off-season alternative for landscapers with a keen eye for details, translating to beautifully lit homes filled with holiday cheer. While every one loves the look of holiday decorations adjourned on the eaves of homes lining the neighborhood, not every one likes hanging those lights themselves. This particular service has become so popular that Home Depot has created a directory to assist families in hiring local independent holiday lighting installers in communities coast to coast.

    Create Deliverable Products such as mailboxes, benches, stone signage and so much more, from the comfort of your home. With a cement mixer and other tools, pre-packaged in the Artisan Stone Creations created by Lil’ Bubba®, you can assemble a line of custom products that can be delivered right to your clients home and installed by you. Custom Mailboxes with a natural stone look at beautiful and sturdy while still adhering to road safety laws are just the tip of what you can create with this package. These products can be made year-round and can keep you busy throughout the colder months on the calendar.

    Create Services for the Off-Season

    8. Develop Service Packages

    Whenever we shop, we all look for the best deal. It’s natural to compare your options and look for the most bang for your buck. This mentality is not lost when seeking out local landscaping options. The service itself should be the attraction but until the first job is done, that may remain a mystery to your new client. It is often times a task in and of itself to educate clients on particular services that you offer.

    Creating a series of packages comprised of your different services can many times lead to an up-sell where a client may have only requested a basic lawn maintenance. This structuring of services can also create an efficient model for tackling your jobs by offering both you and your client a checklist of expectations that will provide confirmation in a job well done.

    Develop Service Packages

    It may seem difficult at first to assemble the packages in the perfect way, but there are On-Line Guides that can assist you in creating the best options for your audience. Allow seasons to be a factor in particular offerings and you will find that some higher priced packages may become even more appealing to your clients as they see the immediate value from additional items that may not be necessary on a regular basis.

    9. You get what you pay for

    A common mistake professional startups make is buying inexpensive equipment. For example, a cheap lawn mower may look like a bargain. However, low-cost equipment breaks down quickly. This will cost you money to repair it, not including the lost revenue when you can’t work. Of course, you don’t want to make the number one mistake of overspending on equipment either.

    It’s typically best to buy trusted, well-known brands with a reputation for quality. Additionally, make sure the equipment is for professional, heavy-duty use. A word of warning about second-hand equipment. Old, second-hand equipment can be just as problematic as cheap, poor-quality items. Therefore, ensure the lawn mower or other gardening equipment isn’t at the end of its life. Remember, you can always rent pricier equipment until you have the cash flow to justify an outright purchase.


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