Hustler 4WD Power Barrow from Lil’ Bubba® – The Perfect Candidate for Every Job Site

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“The perfect companion for any crew working on a job site”

The Hustler 4WD Power Barrow from Lil’ Bubba® doesn’t require anything else but gas. The mini dump truck is perfect for every job site. Save your back and your energy and move concrete, gravel, dirt, bricks or rocks easily and fast – particularly on inclines. This 4WD power wheel barrow is compact and simple to operate while still being strong enough for the heaviest loads. Has 4 forward speeds, reverse and a disc brake applied to all 4 wheels. It doesn’t roll away once you stop on a slope.


Gas Powered Engine


Navigate rough terrain, steep inclines or go a long distance carrying a heavy load at speed, without burning your energy and do it all day long. It’s like having another employee on hand that never needs a coffee break and never calls in a sick day. The perfect companion for any crew working on a job site.


4 Wheel Drive


Powered by Honda GXV160 Series 5.5hp Eco engine and protected with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the Hustler 4WD Power Barrow from Lil’ Bubba® will pay for itself with all the work it will do for you. With a low noise level, low vibration and even lower emissions, this machine is built for anything and ready for everything.


Powered by 5.5 Horsepower Honda GX160 Engine



  • Honda GX160 5.5 HP
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Trans: 4 Fwd & Reverse
  • Capacity: 6cuft – 500lbs
  • Traction: 4 Wheel Drive
  • Height: 34″
  • Width: 28″


  • Honda 1 Year Warranty
  • 4WD – Chain Driven
  • Disc Parking Brake / Clutch
  • Transaxle Differential
  • HD Steel Construction
  • Easy Tilt Dumping Hopper
  • Extension Hopper (Option 8cuft)

“Once you’ve used a Hustler you’ll never go back to push barrows!”

Randy V. – Business Owner

Emergency Stop

Safety first! Easily accessible Emergency Stop button. (Is located in plain view and is easy to activate if required.)

Gear Lever

The 4 forward Gears or Reverse are easily selected with a robust gear lever handle. (Move your power barrow slowly with precision or get the load there fast!)

Throttle Control

Throttle to manage engine speed. (The throttle lever also engages the choke for cold starts and can be used to stop engine.)

Clutch Lever

Left side handle with clutch/brake lever. Disc Brake is automatically applied when clutch is released. (Machine can be parked on an incline and does not roll away.)

Dump Lever

Right side handle has a sturdy alloy hopper catch lever. (This allows fast and easy dumping of the hopper load in one movement.)

Tractor Grip Tires

4 x deep lug tractor style tires provide awesome grip for climbing inclines in any conditions. (Excellent performance in wet, muddy or snowy conditons.)

Check Out the Snow Plow Attachment in Action!

Turn a Snow Day into Cold Cash
Cold Cash

Add the brand new Snow Plow Attachment to your Hustler 4WD Power Barrow and turn every snowfall into an opportunity. Easily bolts on to the 4WD Hustler. Load your ice-melting salt into the Hopper and take care of two jobs at once.

Also Available for the Hustler

Hopper Extension

Increases the capacity of your Hopper from 6cuft to 8cuft. Attaches and detaches easily in minutes and is heavy-duty steel construction.

Hustler 4WD Power Barrow Hopper Extension
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Turf Tires (Set of 4)

Drive without damaging lawns or artificial turf. Easily replace standard wheels and remove quickly. Provides the solution in muddy soft terrain.

Hustler 4WD Power Barrow Turf Tires
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